Costco Canberra Is Selling A $500,000 Diamond If You Need One Of Those

Just because you’ve gone to Costco with the express aim of purchasing a block of bright orange American cheese the size of a two-year-old child doesn’t mean you can’t splash out on little extravagances like, say, a diamond ring that’s going for a cool half a million dollars.

In a post to TwitterSky News reporter Jennifer Bechwati said she spotted this incredibly expensive chunk of jewellery “in the aisle between bulk AA batteries and dustpans“.

Apparently, this phenomenon is not limited to the Canberra store alone. When 9Finance reached out to Costco, the store said that not only was this not at all strange, but that you’d also find this exact product at the Costco stores Australia-wide.

A spokesperson told 9Finance that the bulk discount chain is “actually one of the largest sellers of diamond carats in the country“, which seems funny, because to me it’s notorious for being the place you can buy the most toilet paper in one go.

If you’re interested in splashing out that spare $500,000 you have just sitting around, the diamond is 6.55 carats and comes in at a VS1 on the clarity scale (four steps below flawless on an eleven-step scale) and a ‘G’ on the colour scale, which runs from D (colourless) to Z (light colour).

Still cheaper than buying a house in Sydney.