‘Absolute Joke’: Coles Is Getting Roasted For Giving Staff Perhaps The Shittiest Xmas Gift Ever

Hear ye hear ye, supermarket giant Coles is back in its natural habitat — getting roasted for doing unnecessary weird shit. The company is getting grilled online for gifting its employees the joyous present of … branded water bottles. *Groan*.

In a screenshot posted to Reddit on the r/Australia sub (inarguably this country’s best source of news), the “Team member Christmas gift” plan is explained in painstaking detail by Coles management.

Source: Reddit.com/r/Australia

The screenshot is accompanied beautifully by the post’s author who went hell-for-leather with their opinion on the matter.

“Despite a year of record profits, the executives at Coles decided that the frontline staff who work their asses off and cop abuse on the daily are only worthy of a Coles branded water bottle and 5 “points” (equivalent to $5) for Christmas this year,” the post’s author wrote.

“This kick in the face comes after months of enforcing staff bag checks and locker inspections despite the sheer number of customers who walk out with trolleys full of stock each and every day with bugger all done about it.”

“What an absolute joke. Do better Coles.”

The comments section was subsequently lit ablaze with people joining the pile-on and adding their two cents.

“I love that even your Christmas gift from Coles comes with terms and conditions. Including writing your own name on it,” wrote one user, referencing the line where employees were encouraged to pen their name on the bottle.

That particular bullet point was just one out of a total of 10 comprising the list of “what you need to know/do”. Turns out giving out presents is a painstaking exercise!

“Surprised they didn’t add “when using the drink bottle you must ensure the Coles brand is not obscured by your hands”,” penned another commenter who highlighted the point that an employee taking this water bottle into the wild will essentially just provide free advertising for Coles.

“Frankly calling it a gift is insulting,” sounded off a third.

Josh Cullinan, the secretary for The Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU) didn’t hold back in a statement to Yahoo News.

“Coles workers cannot afford the food they sell. They are subjected to vile threats, abuse, assaults and intimidation daily,” he began.

“This rotten response, a second-rate drink bottle, is a slap in the face for our pandemic essential heroes.

“They can keep their drink bottles and instead give us living wages, safer workplaces and secure jobs.”

In response to the shithouse gift claims, Coles said that it offered employees “increased discounts on exclusive liquor brands and increased Flybuys points as we head into the holiday season.”

“Each of our stores also have a Christmas gathering, which includes a shared meal to celebrate as a team,” a spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Mail.

Discounts on stuff COLES ITSELF SELLS?!

Joy to the bloody world.

Last month, hundreds of Coles and Woolworths employees went on strike to lobby for better working conditions and better pay in light of massive profits posted by their employers.

In September, Coles also commented on the use of body cameras which staff are set to begin wearing soon.

Coles, I hope you get coals in your stocking.