One In Eight Aussies Have Admitted To Shoplifting ‘Cos Cost Of Living Is Kicking Our Asses

As the cost of living crisis continues to make life extremely difficult for Australians, it is no surprise that some Aussies have turned to desperate measures in order to survive these grim times.

According to a survey conducted by Finder, one in eight Aussies have admitted to shoplifting in the last 12 months. That’s as many as 2.4 million Aussies who might have used the five-finger discount during shopping trips.

As per, the survey discovered that five per cent of Aussies stole via the oh-so-powerful self-checkouts, while four per cent admitted to using a cheeky hack. AKA, scanning cheaper items and then pocketing the more expensive ones.

And just like other studies that we’ve reported on — I am not surprised. Not one bit.

The survey conducted by Finder showed that even though inflation lowered to 6.0 per cent in June 2023, food remained 7.5 per cent higher than it was about a year ago, and Aussies are continuing to shell out a shit ton of clams on groceries. A whopping $750 per month, according to Finder.

Finder’s money expert Sarah Megginson said that Australian households have been pushed to a “breaking point”.

“The research really shows just how much people are struggling and turning to things that they probably never could have imagined in the past,” she said, as per

“It really speaks to the fact that people are struggling and the financial counselling hotlines and support services are seeing a totally new demographic come through, people who would have been classed as middle class Australians who have never needed the services before have just been completely caught out by the last 12 months.”

As cozzie livs continue to wreak havoc upon Australia, giant corporations have recorded a shit ton of moolah in profits in the last financial year.

In August, Coles announced it made $1.1 billion in profits. Should be enough for prices to go down, down, amirite? APPARENTLY NOT.

Shit has gotten so out of hand that even employees of these supermarket giants are striking for better pay, job security and safer work environments.

With a huge sum of money made from last year’s financial year, surely you’d be able to at least treat your hard-working staff to liveable wages.

But I guess not. How pathetic.