UPDATE: Chris From Frankston Has Apparently Still Not Called About The Baby

It’s become the mystery that’s gripped the outer suburbs of Melbourne: Who in the blue hell is “Chris” from Frankston, and why is he refusing to contact the supposed mother of his unborn child?

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Yesterday we brought you the frankly insane story of how a series of graffiti messages had begun popping up around Frankston, urging the aforementioned Chris to “talk to” the unnamed artist “before baby is born” or “don’t bother after.”

The message was identically printed in several prominent public locations in and around Frankston, prompting national curiosity and general annoyance from Frankston city council officials.

Frankston Mayor Michael O’Reilly confirmed yesterday that the original spree of messages had been removed after residents reported them via a dedicated graffiti spotting app.

That, however, has apparently not deterred the mystery person in their apparently endless quest to get Chris to talk to them before the baby is born, but not a moment afterwards.

The message has sprung up again in Frankston, this time on what appears to be a property developer’s business sign.

Chris, buddy. Some unsolicited advice: It’s probably in your best interests to at least try to talk to whoever this is before the baby is born. I know the message gives you the out of not bothering after it arrives, but that doesn’t mean the campaign of public shaming will stop at that point. Hell, if anything I’d be terrified of what could be to come if you choose the coward’s escape hatch here. It’s very obviously a big ole’ trap.

Pick up the phone mate. Give ’em a call. Ya simply gotta do it.