Wild weather has absolutely ravaged most of the country today, and as journalists, it is our job to report on it. But 9News reporter Mark Santomartino copped an absolute flogging from mother nature while trying to spice up his news report on this dreary Friday afternoon.

The 26-year-old reporter attempted to jump on what’s left of the Frankston Pier and, well… he absolutely stacked it. And what’s even more glorious is that it was all caught by his camera man.

“The end of Frankston pier had just snapped off in this morning’s gale force winds and we were the only ones on the sand about 500 metres towards Melbourne where it had washed up and thought I’d take my chances,” Mark told 9News.

Santomartino took it like an absolute champion when discussing it on 9News Now as the footage played next to him on national TV.

“You can’t say I’m not committed,” the committed reporter joked. Commitment and sheer stupidity are two different things, but okay Mark.

He even took to Twitter to share a second view of the epic stack. What a legend, this is EXACTLY what I needed to get through my Friday afternoon.

“I wasn’t confident I’d make it over a wave so I tried to time my run. Unfortunately, Poseidon had other ideas.”
A quick stalk of his Twitter showed that poor Mark hasn’t had the best run with on-air accidents, sharing this photo last year after being swooped by an evil magpie during an interview.
Hopefully this reporter is finished picking fights with the ocean, at least for the rest of the weekend because it’s meant to drop to a measly 2 degrees overnight. And please, I’m begging you, don’t try this for yourself. Let Mark’s mistake be a lesson to you.
Image: 9News Now