It’s Been A Year Since Cassius Turvey’s Tragic Death, But His Community Continues To Mourn Him

cassius turvey memorial
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that the following story may contain images, voices, and video of people who have died.

A memorial plaque has been unveiled for Cassius Turvey, a 15-year-old Noongar-Yamatji school boy who was allegedly murdered in a cruel attack while he was walking home from school.

The plaque was installed in Weeip Park, where Cassius played basketball with his friends, and it was unveiled on Halloween, his favourite day. The City of Swan encouraged friends and family to dress up in Halloween costumes, or wear clothes that reminded them of Cassius.

In the plaque image, Cassius sits on a red background, with white and blue waves illustrating its border. Peppered along these lines are words like “trustful”, “supportive”, “courageous” and “kind” — described as “15 incredible qualities he embodied in his 15 years”.

“These 15 things can be part of you, or may already be a part of you,” the plaque says.

“You are of value. Kids Matter.”

A memorial plaque for Cassius Turvey was unveiled on Halloween, his favourite day. Image: Councillor Haeden Miles / Facebook
A memorial plaque for Cassius Turvey was unveiled on Halloween, his favourite day. Image: Councillor Haeden Miles / Facebook

Mechelle Turvey, Cassius’ mother, said she wanted to create a space for people to reflect on and remember her son.

“I live for him now,” she said, per ABC News.

“And I hope that he’s really proud of me knowing what I’m doing to help other people. One of his favourite sayings was always, ‘Mum was on a mission.’

“So my mission has been pretty full on for the last year, but I’ll do anything.”

Cassius was walking with a group of friends after school on October 13 last year when police allege he was followed and attacked by 21-year-old Jack Steven James Brearley with a metal pole.

The boy suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital. He was discharged approximately eight hours later with stitches, but was taken back after he suffered a seizure and intense pain. He was placed in an induced coma, where he underwent brain surgery to relieve swelling and bleeding on his brain.

Cassius suffered two strokes, and died five days later at Perth Children’s Hospital surrounded by his family.

Four people have been charged with murder in relation to Cassius’ death — Brearly, who allegedly attacked him, as well as a 27-year-old man from Wundowie, a 24-year-old man from Chidlow and a 20-year-old woman from Herne Hill. All pleaded not guilty.

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