Cal Wilson’s Husband Chris Woods Has Shared A Beautiful Tribute A Month After Her Death

Chris Woods, the husband of beloved comedian, writer and actor Cal Wilson, has shared a touching tribute to his late wife a month after her passing.

In early October, the entertainment world was left shattered after it was confirmed that Cal Wilson had passed away due to a rare form of cancer, as per The Daily Telegraph.

A month after her passing, her husband and their 14-year-old son Digby shared a touching tribute on Instagram, reflecting on the impact she made on both of their lives.

“It’s been a month today since we lost you, my darling Cal,” the statement began.

“Not a moment passes without Digby and I thinking about you and the amazing, beautiful wife, mother, best friend and human being we have lost.

“The pain of losing you is something I’ve never experienced, and it’s impossible for me to put into words how Digby and I have been feeling.

“Although Digby and I remain in a world that keeps spinning, for us it is world forever changed. You brought light, love, and laughter to us every second of the day.

“The words, the silly voices, the jokes, and the love. So much love. We miss you so much.”

Woods went on to thank everyone for their messages and stories they’ve shared about his wife, describing them as “memories and recollections that we’ll cherish forever.”

“We thank everyone for their love and support,” the tribute continued.

“Throw those curtains wide.”

The touching tribute to Wilson ended with Chris and Digby signing off with love.

In October, Wilson’s The Great Australian Bake Off co-star Darren Purchase reflected on his friendship with the entertainment icon, describing her as a “light and such a joyful good person, funny and the kindest”.

“I am utterly devastated to hear my beautiful friend Cal is no longer with us…” Purchase’s post began.

“I cannot even start to comprehend what her amazing husband Chris and her cherished son Digby must be going through. I am so sorry for all of this.

“Cal absolutely loved her work as a comedian, writer, broadcaster, host and performer and could do anything, she was the most professional person I have worked with. She made life on set a breeze and it was a huge honour and privilege to stand by her side and watch her work. I learned so much from Cal, we shared a car from work very night and we would have long chats about everything. I would pick her brains about learning lines, writing, performing, movies, TV, music and the world in general. I would tell Cal about the food world and she was always interested in that and I would also run my crummy puns past her to see if they were any good or not. I would try to convince her that Brussels Sprouts were delicious but she would have none of it.

“Cal was a light and such a joyful good person, funny and the kindest. She always looked out for everyone and had a huge social conscience. She championed for inequalities, stood up to bullies and always did the right thing. She cared for everyone and was the best person you could ever meet.

“I am heartbroken at this news and my heart goes out to Chris, Digby and her family and friends.

“I am sorry this has happened to such a good person and I cannot get out of my head the last time I saw her when she was very sick.

“I wish I could give her a hug and tell her how much she means to me and so many people.

“This is so unfair and I will never forget my precious time with Cal.

“We love you Calbo, rest in peace.”

Rest in peace, Cal. You are truly a gem that is missed by folks across the globe.