Burger King In The US Reveals Facebook Ordering Because The World Is A Bin

Honestly, with all the options available to obtain mass amounts of greasy, magnificent food via your smartphone right now, it’s a borderline miracle that this doesn’t already exist.

But with everyone’s increasing appetite to get stuck into literal mountains of food but without having to endure the shame of actually speaking your order out loud, it makes sense that this is a thing that’s happening.
Artery-quivering US fast food giant, and creator of the scariest-looking junk food mascot this side of the Gobbledok, Burger King will soon introduce a bot that will allow you to order your Whoppers directly through Facebook Messenger.
Now, you’ll still have to head into an actual store to pick up your sack of shame. But at least the whole ordeal will be over in a mere matter of moments, rather than forcing you to endure the horrors of actually standing and waiting in the store like some sort of schlub.

It goes without saying that the US is going to be first region to receive the godsend/hellspawn new technology. But it’s only a mere matter of time before it hits the rest of us poor souls as well.
Now if it’ll listen to your moaning and whining when you’ve ate too much of their food and feel unwell, we’ll really be in business.

Source: Uproxx.
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty.