10 Y.O. & His Fam Refused Entry Onto A Plane Over “Harmful” Snake T-Shirt

Most people who bothered to see the flick Snakes on a Plane left the cinema going, ‘What a fucken joke.’

[jwplayer xCDzqVIu]

But it would appear that whoever runs the Airports Company of South Africa left the cinema shaking in fear, vowing to never, ever, ever let anything even remotely resembling a snake board one of its aircrafts.

A family has had their travel planes snaked by the aforementioned airline after being refused entry onto a flight.

Stevie Lucas was on a family trip to visit his grandparents on December 17 when he was allegedly stopped by security officers at Johannesburg airport.

Staff told his parents Steve and Marga that snake toys and printed clothing was not allowed on board.

They said the tee could, in their opinion, harm passengers or crew by causing anxiety, according to local media as reported by Daily Mail.

Check out pics of the scandalous snake shirt here.

Ms Lucas told her son to turn his black t-shirt inside out to avoid any further drama.

“Security officers have the right to determine if an object has the potential to harm fellow passengers and crew members by causing certain objects or prints to be anxious,” the airport said.

The family emailed the Airports Company of South Africa and was told that it was seeking clarification on the reason for the debacle.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Note that we asked for a more extensive reason for the clothing rules and restrictions. We will give you feedback as soon as we receive it,” the email read.

Where’s Samuel L. when ya need him?