IT HAPPENED: A Motherfucking Snake Was Found On A Motherfucking Plane

Save your Samuel L. Jackson jokes, please. There’s a time and a place for that, and this — yeah, alright. This is the time and the place.

An actual goddamn snake was found on a plane in Mexico on Sunday night, on a flight to Mexico City from Torreon. According to passengers, it was spotted behind the baggage compartment, before dropping down into the actual cabin. One passenger got video:

A second video of the reptile shows its tail dangling down from the compartment. It looks quite large, tbh. I 100% would not be into it.
According to flight carrier Aeromexico, the plane received priority landing in Mexico City where workers “secured the reptile.” I think we all know what ‘securing the reptile’ means.
Moral of the story? I literally do not know. I don’t think there is a moral other than the fact that nature is chaos.
Photo: YouTube.