Snake On A Qantas Plane Cancels Flight

In news that had life imitating art trash, travelers flying from Sydney to Narita this morning were warned and subsequently had their flight cancelled after a motherfucking snake was found on their motherfucking plane. Where the hell is Samuel L Jackson‘s worst performance when you need it?

According to, the snake was hardly the kind of notorious bastard that slithered around Jackson’s plane – it was actually piss-weak tiny, with a Qantas spokesperson saying, “The snake was around eight inches long…That’s about the size of a ball-point pen.“Aw, baby snake. Cute.

The QF21 flight has since been rescheduled, and the snake has been placed in to Quarantine and will likely be interrogated as to how it got on to an international aircraft without its snake passport.

But if Snakes On A Plane has taught us anything, it’s that limbless reptilian monsters and aviation just aren’t a nifty mix. Plus, Qantas are probably keeping it safe, after an incident earlier this year that had a three metre python cling to one of their planes’ wings for dear life. Definitely not cute. Qantas must just have had it up to here with snakes who want to terrorize holidaymakers; enough is enough.


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