Ah, Boxing Day. The beginning of that expanse of time between Christmas and New Year where you just straight-up lose all track of time. You get to exist blissfully unaware of time’s march, and instead, begin to rise and rest with your body clock. A time for cricket, the beach, and picky snack meals. A time for breakfast mimosas and beers, afternoon naps, and hard-resetting your circadian rhythm. But what of the weather? A crucial thing to know in the upcoming silly season, so that you can loosely plan according to what the hell the sky’s up to.

We looked to the time ahead, and consulted with Mother Nature and The Internet to find out what the forecast is for Boxing Day 2021 around the country. Purely so you can decide between whether you want to stay in and watch the Boxing Day Test with a few beers, or head out and watch the Boxing Day Test with a few beers at the pub. Choices, y’know.

What Is The Weather Gonna Be Like On Boxing Day, 2021?

Sydney, NSW

G’day, Sydneysiders. Most of your Chrissy day will probs be spent nomming on food or lounging about on the beach, so expect a very chill bout of Boxing Day weather to come over your present-filled homes.

The day will reach a very nonchalant high of 25°, with a low of 20°. Expect a fucktonne of clouds but not much rain, and be sure to use the ever-looming bad weather as an excuse to become a couch potato.

Brisbane, Queensland

Real thunderstorm hours! Lightning crashing, big-ass roars in the distance. Some real Shakespeare‘s The Tempest-type shit out here.

And it’s gonna be the worst kind of storm — a muggy one, with a high of 30° and a low of 22°. We’ve also got an 80% cloud coverage overhead, with a 50% chance of a thunderstorm and 85% chance of rain.

Pack ya brolly and pack away the large metal rod that you use to attract lightning like some kind of wizard. Boxing Day is not the day for that party trick, Dave. In fact, no day is.

Darwin, Northern Territory

Get ready to melt your bits off, Darwin, a scorcher is approaching. There is no relief from the cruel mistress that is our sun. Everyone in Darwin will simply be playing sub-bottom for a couple of hours. Yes, that was a fancy way of saying you’re getting fucked.

Expect a high of 35° with a low of 24°, and a very slight chance of rain in the afternoon. Sunscreen ON at all times, friends.

Perth, Western Australia

Hey there my Perthect peeps, it’s time to prepare for a rather chill day this Boxing Day. I’m talking 0% chance of rain or thunderstorms, and a temperature high of 27° with a low of 18°.

Cricket stumps OUT, leftovers IN the microwave. Sounds Perthect to me (I won’t stop, you can’t make me).

Adelaide, South Australia

Sunny days are coming for Adelaide, which means yet another hot (literally) beach day awaits!

Expect a sizzling high of 30° and a cool low of 14° on what is probably going to be quite a nice day to get the fuck out of the house.

Boxing Day weather clearly has her favourites, I’ll tell ya what.

Hobart, Tasmania

With a high of 22° and a low of 11°, Hobart is going to be in for a rather stormy day, with a predicted 87% chance of rain. It’s alright, sometimes we just need the perfect backdrop to play ‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Bedingfield.

Feel the rain on your skin… no one else can feel it for you… only you can let it in. 

Melbourne, Victoria

In this cursed year of earthquakes and wet, wet months, it was only right that Melbourne received a pleasant day from Mother Nature herself.

Victorians, expect a rather cloudy and solemn day with a 50% cloud coverage that’s expected to get even worse as the afternoon hits.

But hey, clouds in Melbourne are like the Moon at night. Always there, but sometimes less noticeable than usual.

Expect a nice high of 25° and a low of 14°. Perfect lazy day weather.

Canberra, ACT

All six (6) residents of our nation’s capital are in for a pretty pleasant day thanks to some rather unremarkable Boxing Day weather. But then again, Canberrans are used to all things unremarkable.

The day will hit a top of 24° with a low of 14° and a 25% chance of a downpour. So yeah, just a genuinely normal day. It’s not like all our government workers and university student friends were going to go to the beach, though, unless they’re driving out a couple of hours to another state.

Maybe you can go for a stroll around Lake Burley Griffin for the 77th time this year? I dunno.

Image: Getty Images / Jack de la Mare