Here’s Your Boxing Day Weather Forecast For Every Aussie Capital City In 2022

boxing day weather

There exists a special expanse of time between Christmas and New Year’s Day where everything becomes a straight-up blur. Time’s march comes to a halt and the body clock takes its place as ruler of your meat vessel. Moreish snacks start sprouting from the ground, the beach begins to glow in radiant gold and mimosas become an acceptable breakfast. This time is known as Boxing Day, and it’s the one day of the year when the circadian rhythm gets a rock-hard reset. It’s truly bliss. But what of the weather on this fated day?

We looked upon our crystal balls and consulted with Mother Nature and The Internet to find out what the weather forecast is for Boxing Day around the country in 2022. We do this for you, so you can decide between whether you want to stay in and watch the Boxing Day Test with a few beers, or head out and watch the Boxing Day Test with a few beers at the pub. Choices, y’know?

Without further ado, here’s the Boxing Day weather forecast for each Aussie capital city.

Sydney, New South Wales

G’day, Sydneysiders. Most of your Chrissy day will probs be spent nomming on food or lounging about on the beach in perfect weather, so it’s only fair that Boxing Day comes around and rains on your parade. Balance, y’know? Expect some light showers and wild thunderstorms to loom over your present-filled homes this year.

The day is forecast to have a warm high of 27° and a low of 19°. Pack your brolly just in case and pack away that large metal rod you bring everywhere that you use to attract lightning like some kind of wizard. Boxing Day is not the time for that party trick, Dave. In fact, no day is.

Brisbane, Queensland

Everything’s sunny in Brisbane. Hell, it’s gonna be so warm and glorious that even the rain will only appear as a slight sunshower. Sun, sun, sun!!!

It’s the kind of summery setting that would not go astray in a live-action recreation of Shakespeare‘s Much Ado About Nothing or Audrey WellsUnder The Tuscan Sun. Y’know, the classics of literature.

Expect a high of 30° and a low of 22°, absolutely gorgeous stuff!

Darwin, Northern Territory

Much like Christmas Day, Boxing Day is going to be absolutely wild with the weather in Darwin. Mother Nature is truly letting loose up in the NT and who can blame her? She’s had a wild year.

A cloudy day with random showers throughout is coming your way Darwinners, and the heat is predicted to hit a high of 33°. Sure it may be warm and watery out there, but with a solid afternoon nap calling your name I don’t think you’ll be leaving the house much.

Perth, Western Australia

With a zero perthent chance of rain and thunderstorms, Perth is in for a rather perthect Boxing Day.

Perthonalities, expect a high of 26° and a low of 16°. A rather pleasant day to get outside and enjoy the perthunshine (sorry for that last one).

Adelaide, South Australia

Adelads, get ready for a pretty pleasant Boxing Day in 2022. The sun will be sitting gorgeous above a couple of stray clouds, and an umbrella will be floating in your ice-cold beveragino. Magnifique.

Prepare your body and soul for a high of 25° and a low of 14°. Not too warm and not too cold!

Hobart, Tasmania

Ahh, Tasmania — the island’s island. The soccer ball of Australia. Antarctica’s distant cousin.

Unlike Super Mario Sunshine (2002), you won’t be blessed with gorgeous rays of sun to do triple flips in. You also won’t be plagued by a shadow version of yourself with an oversized paintbrush, so there’s a plus.

Hobartists can expect a high of 22° and a low of 13°. A pleasant day but nothing to write to your friends overseas about (that includes your friends in NSW).

Melbourne, Victoria

It’s going to feel very warm this year in Australia’s hipster capital, Melbourne. On top of the sunshine, there’s a very good chance that a thunderstorm will also ripple across the sky.

Perfect day to enter into a Christmas food coma and dream of Melbourne being declared the capital city of Australia as the rain continues on around you.

Melburnians should prepare for a tumultuous high of 25° and a serendipitous low of 18°.

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Why on Earth are you in Canberra for Boxing Day? Not even the sun is going to be there this year, so you have no excuse.

All seven citizens of Australia’s capital territory can expect about five hours of rain on boxing day and a couple of thunderstorms. There will be a high of 25° and a low of 13°. Knowing Canberra, the weather will probably skew to the colder side which is just… so much fun.