There’s three certainties in life. Death, taxes, and people writing swears into anonymous forms on the internet.

Why do anonymous forms without word filters still exist? Who would know.

Frankly, you almost have to admire that kind of optimism about the goodness of people.

Boost Juice re-opened their What’s Your Name Game with a new minisite at the beginning of the week – which takes their already beloved opportunistic promotion of scoring a free delicious tasty drink simply by virtue of having a name, and updates it to allow everyone to put themselves in with a shot of winning.

The minisite asks people to put their name in – their photo too if they feel like it – and from that bank of names they’ll pick one per week (along with two picked outside of the grid), announce them on Facebook and such, and then if you’re a match you just lob up, show some ID, and walk away with a free tasty treat.

The aim of the site was to get everyone’s name in the running, so people don’t get screwed over by weird spelling variations or non-traditional names and things like that.

The problem? The internet does indeed exist.

Boost Attempt Viral Marketing Stunt, Don’t Factor In Internet’s Foul Mouth

You guyyyyyyyyyys.

Fortunately for all concerned, Boost has since managed to filter out all the badness from their grid. Although at time of writing the odd “TNUC,” and “CUN” had still gotten through.

And then there’s the slightly subtler ones, like the bi-lingual “PUTA,” or those taking advantage of the site’s tight kerning and dobbing in “CLINT,” or finally “PHUC.” Although we’re reluctant to call that last one a deliberate troll lest we get unwittingly caught up in a Cook Pu-type situation.

Memo to Boost’s social media team: If you don’t take advantage of this clearly golden opportunity to announce that the first batch of winner can pick up their drinks on the 15th and then declare “See you next Tuesday!” you’re dead to us.

Dead. To. Us.

via Reddit.