Vice Photo Issue Out Next Week

Vice’s latest photo issue is out next week.

The issue contains usual Vice faves AKA lots of Terry R. <3 + a couple grabs with Neckface shot by Chris Shonting. Strangely the Neckface shoot is actually copping some anonymous comment beef on a couple to remember:

Anonymous, on Jul 17, 2008 wrote:
who the fuck is “neck—face” anyway?

Anonymous, on Jul 14, 2008 wrote:
Anybody who uses the term “vaguely cool art fag” is obviously a blatant homosexual him/herself and should just get it over and enjoy being so gay.

Anonymous, on Jul 15, 2008 wrote:
neck face is ugly

Outside of all the h8ing & laughter there’s also a look inside my homeland, Slovenia:

“The country has over 580 mass graves from 1945-1946, when the communist party liquidated their opposition. Slovenia has loads of natural caves, so these were often used to dispose of bodies.”