Want Kim K Takin’ Selfies At Ya Party? That’ll Be Nearly $1 Million, Cheers

We’re going to be brutally honest with you right now – it is a very, very bad idea to read this article if you’ve recently checked your bank balance. That goes double if your bank balance currently has a minus sign in front of it. 
We say this because the news that Kim Kardashian-West is commanding up to US $1 million for party selfies now. As in, it costs that much for Kimmy to attend your party, and take a few selfies with guests. 
The organisers of a recent Revolve Hampton’s party in Water Mill said that the reality star charged ‘in between half a million and one million‘ for her appearance.
An anonymous source told Page Six that she charged $700,000 USD. 

Kardashian was flown into the party on a private jet, and posed with ‘influencers’ for around an hour. $700K FOR AN HOUR’S WORK:

Back at it in the Hamptons with @Revolve #RevolveInTheHamptons

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That’s the dream, yo. That’s the dream. 
Source: Page Six