Bachie Matt Just Gave A Talk At An Adults-Only Questacon Night ’Coz Science Is Cool

In what sounds like the party of the fucking year, Bachie Matt Agnew made an appearance at adults-only night Questacon tonight. No, not the sexy kind of “adults-only.”

[jwplayer 2TT8ymo7]

Questacon, aka the only place that made your school trip to Canberra not shit, is open to adults tonight. Yep, us old folks can go in and enjoy all of the science-y fun with Bachie Matt and Survivor’s Sam Hinton.

Dr Matt Agnew gave a talk with Professor Brian Schmidt as part of his lifelong mission to make science cool again.

The talk was live-streamed on Facebook for those of you who were more interested in the science part of Questacon, and not the free fall and ‘Disgustoscope’ like I was.

Obviously, there was lots of actual science going on too. Experts in chemistry, physics and medicine were present and acted as guides for the night, so hopefully guests actually learned something useful.

Adults-only night also included food and booze and live music, which sounds like an excellent and also terrible idea.

Questacon opened 200 hands-on themed exhibits for the night, because science can be fun for adults too.

For only $15 and the sweet, sweet promise of no children, this sounds like an absolute steal of a date night. Can you imagine getting your significant other or your besties together for a night of educational fun? The dream! I’m offended that I don’t live in Canberra.