Chameleonic King Matt Agnew Has Yet Again Transformed Completely After Shaving Off All His Hair

matt agnew

Science Bachie Matt Agnew has definitely cemented himself as somewhat of a chameleon, shifting from look to look as he pleases. Now the leading lad from The Bachelor Australia 2019 has morphed once more, and yes, he still looks fkn hot.

Joining The Today Show‘s David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffreys, our favourite Bachie decided to shave his head for The Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave on live television.

By shaving/colouring your hair and donating money to the cause, Aussies can help The Leukaemia Foundation achieve its goal of reaching zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035.

It’s an incredibly important cause to raise awareness for, and who better to remove their hair than the one man who has spent months growing it out at all ends.

In case you were wondering what Mattamorphosis Agnew looks like now, here’s a pic he posted to his Instagram story. Talk about a transformation.

dr matt agnew
Honestly, this man can pull off anything. He’s convinced me to shave my head, to be honest.

Truly not surprised that this man can do anything to the hair on his head and look like a super stud. He has the Henry Cavill genes, I tell you. Some people are just born to be attractive as hell.

In case you’ve somehow already forgotten the marvellous history of Matt Agnew and his varied looks throughout the months, here’s a quick run down.

Bearded Daddy Phase

My personal favourite of all the phases, and the one that made me literally drop my phone when I saw it get posted onto the ‘gram.

I’m still in awe of this look. Incredible stuff. I’m only just one hole.

Dr Matt Agnew

This is the man you may remember from The Bachelor Australia season 7. Y’know, the same man who turned down Abbie Chatfield for Chelsie McLeod.

It was a huge TV moment, you really had to be there. To be honest, Dr Agnew has only gotten hotter since then.

Man Bun Matty

Truly a moment most pleasing in my career. Man bun Matt Agnew was short-lived, for sure, but still a testament to how the man can truly just pull off any look he pleases.

Astrophysicist Matt

The pinnacle of Matt Agnew looks. Take the classic Bachie look and grow out the hair, and you have a masterpiece of our times.

Chef’s kiss. A glorious style.

I guess the next phase for Matt Agnew is bald-headed with a goatee. He’d make it work, I know he would.