Can We Talk About Daddy, Sorry, Doctor Matt Agnew’s Ever Changing Looks?

matt agnew bachelor bearded look hot

Horndogs of Australia unite, because chameleon king Matt Agnew is back with another new look, and it’s probably the sexiest form this man has taken yet (let me be clear though, all of his forms are PEAK heat).

The science Bachie first introduced himself and his six-pack to us on The Bachelor Australia in 2019. Since then he’s had quite the number of style changes, going from clean-shaven to rugged daddy without a care in the world.

In February, Agnew shocked us all by revealing that he was growing out his locks, as well as writing a book, which was super exciting. Don’t ask me what the book is about though, I didn’t read the caption. I’m a visual learner.

Here’s his HOT Feb look.

Naturally, lockdown hit us all over the head and forbade us from seeing the hairdresser, so Agnew decided to grow out his beard and start tying his hair behind his head.

And again, we were shooketh to see this drastic transformation. From science guy with a hot bod to ginger bartender with smouldering eyes. It’s hard to believe this is the same person who was on The Bachelor, but somehow he went from hot to ultra daddy.

Mr Agnew, I have forgotten my last name. Can I have yours?

Alas, we are not here to froth over pictures of old like some obsessive ex. We are here to drool over the new pics, of course.

Unfortunately, I could only like this pic once on Instagram, which is a damn shame.

Introducing the current iteration of our chameleon king, who has yet AGAIN reinvented himself anew and changed up his style like a modern-day pop star.

This HERE is me after seeing this pic. I have no words.

It’s quite impressive that Agnew has managed to shift his look constantly and make headlines every single time. We get it king, you’re hot as fuck, now return to the television and make us all happy. You’ve got our attention now.

This is my open petition for Matt Agnew to return to our screens in some form or another. If not, then I guess he has a bit of free time to be my boyfriend.