HELLO: Human Chameleon Matt Agnew Has Resurfaced With An Entirely Different Look Once Again

Matt Agnew, a.k.a. science Bachie, the leading lad of The Bachelor Australia back in 2019, has cemented himself as something of a style chameleon since the show wrapped.

He has a habit of disappearing for a while, then popping back up with an entirely different look and folks go hog wild each time.

Here’s the latest development, which he shared on Instagram a few days back:


“Tell me you’re in lockdown, without telling me you’re in lockdown,” he wrote. Too true, mate. Too true.

If you’ve been following along from home, you’ll know that the bloke’s been growing his locks. He recently appeared on Today Extra after a period away from the spotlight and fuck me, this guy has had the greatest glow-up in the history of glow-ups.

Check. It. OUT:

Suddenly I’m interested in space.

But don’t get it twisted! I’m not saying that Matt Agnew wasn’t hot before, I’m just saying that the hair is reaaaaaally working for him.

Head here to watch the full clip (he looks even hotter in motion).

Matt Agnew’s story really is a fascinating one isn’t it? ‘Cos here’s the thing, it’s my contention as an Entertainment Editor that, like, 85% of reality TV contestants sign on for fame and social media followers, and only 15% are actually in it for love. Usually the way that you can tell what their intentions were is by seeing what they get up to when their season end. Do they return to the lives they were leading pre-reality show? Or do they embrace the ~influencer~ lifestyle by raking in endorsement deals on everything from skinny tea to teeth whitener? Well, Matt Agnew has certainly disappeared since his season ended, hasn’t he?

He’s presumably returned to his quiet but comfortable life as a whip-smart astrophysicist. Hell, he didn’t even bother keeping up the charade of making it seem like he and his winner Chelsea McLeod were actually a thing as they called it quits just nine weeks after the show ended, which he announced with the following emotional Instagram post:


Now, Matt Agnew has resurfaced for the first time in forever and he looks like totally different human than the one who skyrocketed onto our screens in search of love last year.

Head here to check out the pic, where the formerly short-haired, clean-shaven bloke is rocking a scruffier lewk.

Matt Agnew

Matt Agnew as the 2019 Bachelor. (Credit: Ten)

His resurfacing comes just after a mate of his ex Chelsea appeared on the So Dramatic! podcast and claimed that Matt “was a real prick to her and yelled at her, and he was mean to her.” Big yikes.

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