FOLKS, grab your bloody grain of salts because it’s Mystery Insider Monday otherwise known as The Latest Random / Saucy Rumour About Bachie Matt Agnew. This time a source has told New Idea that Matt struggled to pick The One because he still had the feels for an old fling, his former tutor.


Again, huge grain of salt here.

“Matt had a steamy fling with a tutor while he was doing his Masters in Sweden,” the mystery source told the publication on Monday.

“It started as a bit of fun, but before it was time to leave he’d developed genuine and deep feelings for her.”

According to his ol’ LinkedIn, Matt did actually spend three years at Lund University in Sweden to get his Masters of Science (MS) in Astrophysics. So that bit’s 100 per cent true.

The source added that Matt decided to apply for The Bachelor as a “distraction” but soon found himself thinking about his former fling a lot. Apparently his feelings for the woman were so strong he struggled to pick The One during production. You hate to see it.

As you’ll have it, nobody actually knows who this tutor is and the source didn’t mention a name so that’s a bit of a bummer.

Anyway, turns out Matt got over the “genuine and deep feelings” for his old fling. When asked by The Courier Mail if he had found someone on the show, Matt replied: “Yes, I have. I’m delighted with how the process worked out for me and I’m very, very happy.”

So there you have it. Swedish tutor be gone.

The Bachelor airs 7.30pm Wednesday and Thursday on Channel 10. Stay tuned to see Bachie alumni Sam and Snez and Matty J and Laura visit the mansion and Bachie pad to offer up some quality advice / remind you the Aussie edition does works.

Image: Network 10