Police Have Charged A Man Who Allegedly Broke Into A Sydney Museum & Took T-Rex Skull Selfies

The guy accused of breaking into a museum and sticking his head inside a T-Rex skull has been arrested and granted bail, on the condition he sticks to a curfew and, presumably, doesn’t break into any more museums.

German international student Paul Kuhn was charged with break and enter after he was allegedly seen wandering around Sydney’s Australian Museum just after 1 AM on Sunday morning.

Kuhn also allegedly stole a piece of art and a cowboy hat. The hat is believed to belong to a staff member, and was not part of a wild west exhibit. He wore it on his way out.


Police also allege Kuhn walked through pretty much every floor of the building, rifled through storage closets and took a bunch of selfies, but made no mention of his choice to wear double denim.

Thankfully, there’s been no mention of any damage caused or anything else nicked. The dude just wanted to see some dinosaurs, apparently.

On Sunday, NSW Detective Chief Inspector Sean Heaney publicly told Kuhn to “get in contact with us before we get in contact with you.” He appears to have followed that advice because he turned himself in Surry Hills Police station later that day.

The Australian Museum has been closed for renovations since last August. The Night At The Museum Franchise ended in 2014.

Between these two revered institutions, it seems something had to give.