Australia Set A New All-Time Heat Record Last Night With A 35.9°C Minimum

Overnight, the NSW town of Noona, 162 kilometres west of Sydney, reached a new Aussie heat record of 35.9°C as the minimum temperature, as determined by the Bureau of Meteorology. And that’s what they call a scorcher, folks.

[jwplayer XrMzGjUl]

While the high today in western Sydney could get up to 45°C, thankfully the temp is forecast to drop between 5°C and 10°C tomorrow, so that this heatwave, this scourge, selling out Zooper Doopers across the country, can finally chill tf out.

In the CBD, it was forecast that it would be the fifth consecutive day after 30°C for the first time in eight years, and, while it’s only 29°C rn, it certainly feels hotter, and is still expected to rise this arvo.

On Wednesday, temperatures broke records across New South Wales, with 14 new all-time record temps noted, in places as far-flung as Broken Hill and Albury. That’s cooked. Literally.

Meanwhile in Canberra, a string of over-40°C days will break the record for the longest stretch since they started even taking note of stuff like this way back in 1939. Same diff in Broken Hill, except with temps over 45°C, which has never happened before since they started keeping track in 1957.

As per the rest of the damn week, authorities are advising you all just stay indoors during the middle of the day to avoid sweltering/melting into a puddle on the hot, hot asphalt. Go hide out at your mum’s – she has air-con, doesn’t she? And drink plenty of water.