Hackers Have Reached A New Low After Attacking Aus Charities In Latest Dark Web Data Leak

Australian charities data leak

Is it just me or are data breaches getting out of hand? It seems like every other week we’re reporting on a new leak of people’s personal information and this latest one targeting Australian charities is a real kick in the dick.

According to a new investigative report from ABC News, thousands of Aussies have had their details compromised after the telemarketing company they used to make a charitable donation was the target of cybercriminals. Pareto Phone acts as a third party collector of donations for more than 70 Australian charities including The Cancer Council, Canteen and The Fred Hollows Foundation.

The cyber attack on Pareto Phone allowed hackers to retrieve donors’ information before publishing the details on the dark web.

So, kind-hearted people making a donation to those less fortunate have had their data leaked? SMH, I’m fumin’ now.

But it gets a little bit murkier from here. A statement from The Fred Hollows Foundation claims Pareto Phone had held on to donors’ data in a breach of Australian Privacy Principles.

“We worked with Pareto Phone only during 2013 and 2014. We were not aware our data was still held by them,” the statement read.

“Under the Australian Privacy Principles, there is a requirement for personal information data to be destroyed or de-identified once it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected.”

As a result, around 1,700 of its former donors had information leaked on the dark web.

Elsewhere Canteen confirmed that 2,600 of its donors had details like names, dates of birth, phone numbers, home addresses and emails unlawfully circulated.

The attack which took place in April has been confirmed by the Department of Home Affairs, however a spokesperson urged punters not to let this deter them from making charitable donations.

“Australia’s charities are an important part of our community and do critical work improving people’s lives. This incident shouldn’t stop you from donating to charities,” read a statement from the department.

This latest cyber attack further amplifies growing concerns around data privacy. Let this be a prescient lesson for us all to be wary about how we interact online and over the phone. Keep your shit secure – but most important don’t stop giving back to those in need (just always keep your little peepers peeled).