700+ Australian Government Officials, Police Exposed In Ashley Madison Email Leak

Following an unprecedented breach of Ashely Madison—the website whose slogan claims, “Life’s too short, have an affair”last month, hackers dropped a whopping 9.7 GB of data on the dark web yesterday –  listing millions’ of users’ (unconfirmed) account details, logins and email addresses.

NB: Keep in mind that the leaked information cannot be deemed concrete proof of a person’s association or interaction with the website. The legitimacy of the data is still unconfirmed, so take the leak with a grain of salt. 

While hacking data and unleashing it to the world is a hugely questionable practice, resisting schadenfreude in this instance is a genuine struggle.

According to AGNews, who mined the leaked data from a forum on the dark web, over 700 Australian Government officials and police appear to have been exposed in the hack; or should we say – over 700 Australian government officials and police who were thick enough to use their work .gov.au email addresses have been listed in the leak.

AGNews have dumped the email addresses—which could have been used to, at the very least, sign up to the site—online.

At a glance of Government-associated emails listed (those with nsw.gov.au, vic.gov.au, nt.gov.au, tas.gov.au, qld.gov.au, wa.gov.au act.gov.au or sa.gov.au email addresses), NSW boasted the highest number of staff listed – 227 of the 737 emails listed were associated with nsw.gov.au. Victoria came in second with 125 emails listed.

LPT: If you’re asking for a friend, you can check whether your information was exposed via the hack by inputting your email here.

Via AGNews.