Welp, The AusPost Site Was Briefly Infiltrated By Someone Claiming To Be On The Glass Barbie

Australia Post

You might be wondering, God, it’s been one cracker of a year, what on Earth is Australia Post up to these days? Well according to its latest news section, the folks at the post office are… *checks notes* smoking meth?

On Saturday the Australia Post website had under its ‘latest news’ section the words “we are smoking meth”, which lasted on-site for over an hour. It must be stated however that this was not intentional, and the people at Australia Post do not condone this sort of messaging or behaviour.

When it realised the mistake, AusPost responded, telling 7news.com.au that the meth message was absolutely not authorised on its end. I mean, that checks out, it’s hard to imagine that it would be.

You can check out a screenshot of the message below, in all its glory.

Source: Australia Post website.

Naturally, the team at AusPost have also issued an apology for the message, and for all users who had to see that while looking for the actual latest news.

“We apologise to our customers for the unauthorised offensive post,” a spokesperson for Australia Post said.

“The offending message has been removed and we have disabled the account that posted it.”

So clearly someone out there was trying to be funny on their lunch break by getting into an AusPost account and mucking things up. Honestly, there are much more rewarding hobbies.

In case you were wondering what the ‘latest news’ section is supposed to look like, here’s a screenshot of how the website looks now.

You’ve got your parcel tracking, your help & support, and your severe lack of meth smoking. It’s how things should be.

Source: Australia Post website.

Currently, Australia Post is bracing itself for the Christmas period, which is sure to be just as crazy (if not crazier) than the years before. There is currently a deadline for gift buying of December 12 if you’d like your gifts to actually come in time.

“We are encouraging people to plan their Christmas shopping early,” Australia Post’s Executive General Manager of Business Gary Starr said.

“We are hiring 4000 more people to help us through what we know will be our busiest Christmas ever we’ve ever seen in terms of online shopping.”

So yeah, better get your Christmas shopping in yesterday so as to not have an empty tree. And just remember, if your gift comes late, the team at Australia Post are NOT smoking meth.