AusPost Might Soon Use Posties To Read Your Meters & Check On Your Pets

More than any other service in the history of this country, we’re doggedly clinging on the Government-operated, 207-year-old Australia Post service like our life depends on it.

And the struggling mail service is desperately looking for ways to modernise and drag itself out of the pit that it currently sits in; once more back into the glorious, romantic air of yore.
Believe it or not, it’s the humble postie that AusPost has in mind for a makeover, and the suggestions are bordering on the ridiculous.
The postie system is already in line for a bit of a shakeup, with a range of new electric trikes being trialled across three Melbourne suburbs. The trikes have increased storage capacity, in order to cope with the increased strain that parcels are putting on existing bikes, due to the online shopping boom.
But that’s not bloody all. AusPost is toying with the idea of getting posties to double-up on their duties by maybe reading water and power meters, or checking on your pet while you’re on holiday, and even performing welfare checks on the elderly. Because if there’s one thing that people on hourly wages are keen to do, it’s possibly find dead bodies or deal with snarling animals.
The ideas are being explored as part of potentially getting posties to perform “household services” as part of a role revamp. The 10,000-odd posties in Australia are viewed as Australia Post’s public face, and the thinking is that increasing their role in people’s lives will, in turn, lead to a boost in image and potentially in revenue.
It’s just… y’know… it’s really fucking weird thinking, is all.
Basically, this is Australia Post RN:
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not exactly 100% sold on the idea of the guy who bends my record parcels whilst wedging them behind the couch on the porch being the one who has to go check on my possibly very dead Great Aunt.

Source: Herald Sun.
Photo: Don Arnold/Getty.