‘It Wasn’t Good’: Aussie Lads Cop Lifetime Bans From Five Las Vegas Casinos After Huge Bender

RIP to these Aussies who have copped a lifetime ban from five Las Vegas casinos ‘cos they were acting like complete FEWLS on their boys’ trip.

Does anyone remember that hilarious but concerning A Current Affair video about Aussie tourists running amok in Bali and that one guy who drove away in a moped after he said he was “fucking blind”?

Think of that bloke, times it by two, chuck them in Las Vegas and you’ve got Bread Gang.

In a recent rowdy vlog, the DJ pair shared bits and bobs of their birthday getaway to Las Vegas. Amongst the chaos, which included a lot of drunk moments, drunk shadowboxing and more cooked behaviour, the boys revealed that they were evicted, arrested and banned for life from five casinos.

“Update: boys got arrested and we’ve been evicted,” one update reads.

“Two of the boys went to jail for two days,” the video continued.

The video then revealed that a member named Patty Nic was robbed of USD $2,500 (AUD $3914) at gunpoint.

Soon after they revealed the FKD news, the pair went on to recall all the cooked behaviour that happened on the boys’ trip.

“We ended up spending seven days here [as the two who were arrested] were in prison for thirty hours,” the duo began.

“So we stayed an extra four nights because the boys were in jail for two of those nights. So we had to wait to get the boys out.”

Later on in the video, Nick, who was on da boyz who was arrested in Sin City, gave a little “recap” of his run-in with the police.

“Me and the boys running amok in Vegas. We copped five-lifetime bans,” he began.

“Yeah, it wasn’t good… It was a full-blown bender.”

(Image source: YouTube / Bread Gang)

The rowdy Aussie then said he didn’t want to reveal too much because he was possibly looking at a lifetime ban from the US.

“We spent two nights in Clark County, one of America’s prisons, which someone actually told me afterwards [is] one of the worst prisons in America,” he continued.

“It was pretty traumatic, it was terrifying. Hanging out with like gang bangers, proper like proper bad cunts, like scary fucking people.”

This isn’t the first time the Bread Gang has been in trouble. In 2019, the group received backlash after they were accused of “making fun of poor people” when they attempted to “reel in bogans” at Centrelink with a tobacco pouch and fishing line.

I feel like ever since the pandemic finished, some people might’ve forgotten how to act when they’re travelling. In June, Bali released an official “do’s and don’ts” card ‘cos Aussie tourists do not know how to bloody behave.