Wild Weather Caused Thousands Of Beetles To Swarm An Argentinian Town, In Peak Nightmare Fuel

A town in Argentina has been faced with a swarm of thousands of brown beetles in a situation that I think can only be described as feeling like The End Times.

The very (very) grim story comes from a town called Santa Isabel, where thousands of beetles took over the town’s parks and garden.

According to AP, the bugs were also been found in the roofs of people’s houses.

Obviously I know that the beetles are just chilling and it’s not their fault that they’re reproducing in horrifically large numbers, but I would be sleeping with Mortein firmly under my pillow case if that were me.


The situation has gotten so bad that the town had to shut off its street and public building lights, because the beetles were attracted to the light.

According to weather site Extended Forecast, the bugs had clogged drains and broken through ceilings, which is giving me a strong mental image of Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but worse.

It’s believed that the Biblical-style swarm is the result of high temperatures and unusually heavy rains in the area. At the moment, the whole country of Argentina is going through a record-breaking heatwave. Woo, climate change! Apocalyptic weather! Bug swarms!

Santa Isabel’s deputy mayor Cristian Echegar told AP that the weather combo meant the perfect conditions for the critters to get down and dirty.

“We had more rainfall, therefore more humidity and this together with the heat [means] we are experiencing … a favourable climate for the development of these little animals.”

Get it I guess beetles, but please not this much.

Obvi, Australians are sort of the experts on unwanted animal infestations. BOM predicted a possible locust plague back in December thanks to La Niña and of course, who could forget the incredibly grim scenes out of rural NSW when the mouse plague struck?

Apparently, Santa Isabel’s blackout successfully reduced the number of creepy little fellows (thank God). But, for the love of bugs, can we please sort out our apocalyptic weather patterns before I run out of insect spray?