Weather experts in the US have had to explain that a large blob on the system’s radars this week wasn’t rain, but instead, it was, in fact, a fucking giant cluster of ladybugs swarming across Southern California.

The National Weather Service in San Diego this week tweeted that a group of ladybugs (known as a ‘bloom’, aw) were passing over the SoCal region, and the bloom was a massive 130kms wide and 130ms long, travelling up to 2.7kms above the ground.

I know one or two ladybugs are kinda cute when they land on you, or somehow find their way onto your plants but can you imagine how many hundreds of thousands of the buggers there must have been to not only stretch across such a massive space of air but also show up on a fucking rain radar?

Assuming it’s not a sign of the end-times because it’s not a plague of locusts, and Nicholas Cage can rest easy because it’s certainly not a swarm of bees, it’s apparently simply a regular run-of-the-mill migration of the Hippodamia or American Lady Beetle, who tend to spend a lot of June hatching out of their eggs, scoffing up a heap of their favourite food – aphids – and flying up to the higher altitudes of the Sierra Nevada mountains to cluster together and hibernate for winter.

‘Tis simply the circle of life, but Jesus Christ imagine getting stuck in all these things flying around.

Image: Netflix