Yes, that disgusting mouse plague that is currently ravaging regional NSW could be headed for Sydney. Not only that, but animal experts say that it’s likely snakes will follow.

According to Channel 10, the mice could invade Sydney by August, hitching rides on “trucks” and “food pallets”. Ten also released this scary graphic, which looks like four giant mice that are twice the size of the Opera House are heading for Sydney.

In another report by, they warn that the Sydney mouse plague could be accompanied by snakes. Gerald Dallow from Micropest told Nine that come summer time, the mice would turn from predators to prey.

“After the mice, the snakes will follow,” Dallow said.

However, a report by the Guardian says that this speculation is just that…speculation. According to a CSIRO website dedicated to mouse sightings (yes, that actually exists) the map shows very few sightings with “high” activity in agricultural areas approaching Sydney.

A CSIRO researcher and mouse expert Steve Henry told the Guardian that mice don’t generally migrate very far, and it’s likely that any mouse sightings in urban areas are due to populations growing

“Mice are not migratory animals,” he said.

“Mice can move 100 metres from their nest or burrow to forage, but they will return at the end of the night.

“Mice live everywhere humans do, and most of the time go undetected.”

As someone with an actual mouse problem (share house lyf) I have to say that mice are really ~everywhere~ and if you haven’t seen a mouse recently, it’s probably because you live in a nice house that they can’t easily get into.

Image: Twitter / @NSWYF