US Woman Trying To Kill Bugs Accidentally Burns Entire House To The Ground

An Ohio woman has done a bit of a whoopsie over the weekend, burning down an entire unit block after an attempt to kill some bed bugs went awry.

The Cincinatti woman was using a type of alcohol to eradicate the pests in her downtown apartment, when a nearby candle set it alight, causing a huge blaze that gutted the entire building and left ten people without a home. Three people were also hospitalised for smoke-inhalation.

One of the residents, Kamaron Lyshe, who lived in a unit on the top floor of the building, arrived home to flames shooting out of the roof, and like any good millenial, got that shit on Facebook Live pronto:

Apparently this isn’t too bizarre of an occurrence in America, with fires breaking out from DIY bed bug eradication attempts way too often. One even happened in the same city last month.

One positive out of the whole ordeal though is that it kinda worked. You can’t have bed bugs in your house if you burn your whole fucking house down!