‘Aggressive And Controlling’: A UK Model Claims Andrew Tate Tried To Lure Her To Romania Via IG

Andrew Tate Carla Howe
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Former Playboy model Carla Howe has claimed that Andrew Tate attempted to lure her to Romania before his arrest for alleged kidnapping and human trafficking.

The US Sun reports that UK-based Howe told friends about alleged messages Tate sent her, which she called “controlling and aggressive”.

According to the publication, Howe told friends: “He wanted me to go to Romania and I was tempted. It makes me think now how it could have gone terribly. I’d probably have ended up not leaving the house ever.”

Carla Howe said she started talking to Andrew Tate in February 2022, and told friends that their communication via Instagram messages started with Tate being “romantic” and complimentary. However, Howe claimed to friends that Tate soon became “controlling”.

She said that Tate tried to “ban” her from going on a holiday to Spain and told Howe she had to “obey” him.

Howe claimed that Andrew Tate tried to convince her several times to join him in Romania. She told friends she originally declined as she couldn’t “come to another country to meet someone I’ve never met”. But in August she agreed to travel to Romania.

Around this time, Carla Howe said Tate’s access to Instagram was revoked and their conversation was halted. According to The US Sun, she told friends: “I had a lucky escape. I thought I would give him a chance and was tempted to have a relationship with him.”

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were arrested in Romania last week. Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) did not name the Tates, but stated that two British citizens and two Romanian citizens were suspected of involvement in a human trafficking group.

The statement read that officers had identified six people who were allegedly “sexually exploited” by an “organised criminal group”. According to ABC News USA, DIICOT had identified six women — one American, two Moldovan and three Romanian citizens — who were allegedly held at the property in Romania.

Police alleged the six victims were “recruited” by the two British citizens, who they said had misrepresented their intention to enter into a relationship with the victims. The statement called this “the loverboy method”.

The statement alleged that the six people were later forced to perform in pornographic content under threat of violence.

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate are being held in Romania for 30 days as part of pre-trial detention. Apparently Romanian prison conditions are pretty terrible — and we’ve gotta say, we love this for him.