A Woman Has Shared The Fkd Texts & Voice Notes She Says Andrew Tate Sent Her After Alleged Rape

Andrew tate

A third woman has come forward with distressing rape allegations against Andrew Tate, along with disturbing messages she claims are from the misogynistic influencer — who at one point allegedly sent a voice note saying he loved raping her.

The woman, known only as “Amelia“, said she began a romantic relationship with Tate in 2013. She told Vice World News that the first time she went to his flat after two to three weeks of dating, the pair were kissing on his bed when she told Tate she didn’t want to have sex — to which he became silent and withdrawn.

When Amelia asked what was wrong, she alleged he told her he was considering sexually assaulting her.

“This guy literally laid there and went: ‘I’m just debating whether I should rape you or not,’” she said.

She then alleged he began strangling her and raped her. She also said he called her a “bitch”, told her to say his name and threatened to kill her.

“I’ve never been strangled before. I don’t know if he’s going to stop. And I was so scared,” she told Vice.

“Whenever you think about being in that situation, you think you’re going to fight back… But I’m telling you, you don’t. Because if you fight back, what else is he going to do to you? He’s a 6’3 champion kickboxer, for God’s sake.”

Amelia struggled to cope with what had happened to her and told Vice she continued to see Tate for some months to avoid feeling like a victim. She couldn’t accept what had happened to her and tried to regain her sense of agency.

“If I go and see him again, and I want it this time, then I’m not being degraded, then it’s not the R word [rape],’” she explained.

“So that’s what I did. I was like, ‘Right, I’ll see you again… you haven’t taken that control of me. You haven’t hurt me.’”

Amelia eventually ended the relationship after Tate asked her to go away with him for a weekend. She said she realised “if I spent a whole weekend with him, I might end up in hospital”.

After the breakup, Andrew Tate continued to contact Amelia.

Vice World News obtained audio and text messages she says were sent to her, some of which contained frightening admissions.

“Am I a bad person? Because the more you didn’t like it, the more I enjoyed it. I fucking loved how much you hated it. It turned me on. Why am I like that?” one of the text messages reportedly read.

Another allegedly read: “And I love raping you. And watching u let me while still debating if its (sic) a good idea or not.”

In a voice note reviewed by Vice, Tate also appeared to admit to strangling her.

“Are you seriously so offended I strangled you a little bit?,” he said.

“You didn’t fucking pass out. Chill the fuck out, Jesus Christ, I thought you were cool, what’s wrong with you?”

He also reportedly said in a voice note: “I am one of the most dangerous men on this planet. Sometimes you forget exactly how lucky you were to get fucked by me.”

Amelia reported the alleged rape to police in 2014, six months after the incident. However, she felt discouraged to move forward by the police’s attitude.

She said the cops interviewing her asked if she had “a learning disability” when she struggled to describe her trauma, which left her feeling demoralised because she couldn’t “even be emotional” without being “put down”.

Fast forward to 2015: police reached out to Amelia for her approval to investigate her case, this time in conjunction with two other allegations of rape and assault against Tate by women who worked for his webcam business.

She said felt hopeful for the first time in ages, knowing she had two other women who shared her experience. She gave police the messages and voice notes shown to Vice Global News.

Tate was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and physical abuse in relation to the complaints, but nothing came of it.

Cops held the case for four years and then referred it to the UK’s Crown of Prosecution, which declined to prosecute him in 2019.

“It’s not that the police don’t believe you. It’s not that the CPS don’t believe you. It’s the fact that there’s an ounce of doubt in the case,” Amelia claimed she was told by an officer.

The justice system fails us yet again.

Andrew Tate was arrested again in December 2022 on human trafficking and rape charges and is being held in a Romanian jail on an extended arrest warrant.

He was accused of grooming women who he lured to Romania and then allegedly assaulted and coerced into working for his webcam business, in stories of manipulation similar to those of his initial accusers.

Tate is yet to comment on the latest allegation and messages.

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