The 2019 Federal Election Has Been Called For The Coalition

The Coalition is expected to form government after securing enough seats in the House of Representatives, granting the Liberal Party and National Party another three years of government and Prime Minister Scott Morrison another crack at the nation’s top job.

In short, it looks like a night of unexpected carnage for the Opposition. Despite poll results across the country pointing towards strong Labor gains, the Coalition appear to have absolutely crushed it at the ballot box.

ABC News projects the Coalition has notched at least 73 seats, which should be enough for them to form a minority government. There’s also the strong likelihood of them winning enough to gain a clear majority of 76. The Australian Labor Party, however, is currently limping away with 65.

The Greens seem to have retained their sole Lower House seat through Adam Bandt in the seat of Melbourne, and then there’s the small constellation of 5 minor party representatives and independents we’ll likely wind up with once all the figures are finalised.

Counting continues. More to come.