It Sure Looks Like Scott Morrison Has A Majority Government

Scott Morrison‘s Coalition has secured majority government with at least 77 seats, according to the ABC‘s election computer, which is probably just Antony Green sitting down somewhere with his brain plugged into the ABC servers like something outta ‘The Matrix‘.

The news comes after the seat of Wentworth, formerly run by Malcolm Turnbull before independent Kerryn Phelps won a by-election seven months ago, was claimed by Liberal candidate Dave Sharma.

The ABC reports a 16.6 per cent swing against Phelps, so it seems like the Vaucluse population had their little protest vote and made their point before turning back to business as usual with the Libs.

Currently, it’s also looking like Chisholm, held by Labor before the election, will become the Coalition’s 77th seat.

With 77 seats, the Coalition have a majority government, and will not require the assistance of the crossbench to pass legislation in the House of Representatives.