Tony Abbott has made a concession speech after being roundly defeated by independent challenger Zali Steggall. It’s a mixed night for Tony – he ate shit, but it very much looks like the Coalition might retain government.

“This is a really extraordinary result,” Tony said in a speech to the Liberal faithful. Scott Morrison will quite rightfully enter the Liberal pantheon forever.”

So, of course, it’s disappointing for us here in Warringah, but what matters is what’s best for the country. And what’s best for the country is not so much who wins or loses Warringah, but who forms, or does not form, a government in Canberra.

Tony went on to say that he knew after the government lost the Wentworth by-election that he would face a tough challenge at this election. “I knew that I’d rather be a loser than a quitter.”

Pointing at the fact that the Coalition is doing significantly better than expected, Tony said that he thinks that the party will struggle in wealthy seats where climate change is a “moral issue,” but will thrive in seats where it is an “economic issue”.

Image: ABC