1st Set Pic Confirms Emma Roberts Is In For ‘American Horror Story: Cult’

Gory horror-drama show ‘American Horror Story’ is about to enter its seventh season, as show-runner Ryan Murphy continues his Pokemon-esque attempt to catch all the hot gay actors in Hollywood, and today’s new bit of info sees the return of iconic actress Emma Roberts to the series.


Whilst Roberts never officially departed ‘AHS‘ like Jessica Lange, she has been absent from the past two stints, instead focusing on Murphy’s other campy/scary offering ‘Scream Queens‘, and so fans are a’froth for her return to season 7, subtitled ‘AHS: Cult‘.

The season is being billed as the “creepy fuckin’ clown” season, which seems apt seeing they’ve already covered haunted houses, vampires, witches, hill-people and mental asylums, however maybe don’t expect to see Emma in a big ol’ red nose if this first pic announcing her return is anything to go by:


Yep, she sure is no clown, but appropriately for the show, murder is still very much afoot when Roberts is concerned.

ICYMI cop the latest tease ahead of ‘AHS7‘ premiering this September, below: