New Leak Suggests Aussie ‘13 Reasons’ Star Front-Runner To Play ‘Batgirl’

Director and patron saint of geekdom Joss Whedon is currently in the midst of finishing up the DC’s big shiny ‘Justice League‘ movie, but such is the insatiable need for Hollywood to churn out superhero movies on the reg, his attention has already begun to movie to his next red hot go at helming a blockbuster, the recently-announced ‘Batgirl‘ solo movie.

Plz bring back this fierce AF aesthetic.
Although not due for release until sometime in 2019, one of the first steps of making a movie with the hero’s name in the title, is figuring out who the heck should portray the all important epononymous figure (I studied film in uni for a semester, so trust me on this one) and thus the rumour mill has been a’churning.
Whedon has only so far said he’s keen to cast a semi-unknown actress, but today a super interesting and fairly solid looking bit of juice has leaked from Bat-camp on who the contenders for playing Barbara Gordon are, and stone the bloody crows Batman, the front-runner is our very own Katherine Langford.
You’ll no doubt know Langford, from the equally popular and controversial Netflix show ’13 Reasons Why‘ so it only ~just~ fits Whedon’s claimed intention to cast a relative unknown, but she’s Aussie, she’s super talented and we’re just bloody chuffed for her if it’s true.
The leak comes via reddit user ‘DCEUThrowaway89‘ who says they got their info from a concept artist, tapped on the shoulder by Warner Bros. Here’s the main bulk of their post:

“A friend of mine was recently contacted by WB to work on concept art for the upcoming Batgirl film. WB wants to get an actress signed by SDCC so they can make an surprise announcement on stage during their presentation. I spoke with him a couple days ago and he said that these are the actresses he was asked to develop concept art for.


Elle Fanning (Neon Demon, Live By Night) 

Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel) 

Bella Thorne (Shake It Up!) 

Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why) 

Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers) 

Jane Levy (Don’t Breathe) 

Emma Roberts (Scream Queens) 

Haley Lu Richardson (Split, Edge Of Seventeen) 

Naomi Scott (Power Rangers) 

He won’t tell me why but he believes Langford is currently the frontrunner with Fanning, Levy & Qualley behind.”

Couple of other standouts on the list are Elle Fanning and Emma Roberts and not just because of their famous surnames, but their fairly high celebrity status themselves and the fact I think they could both crush the role of being Ben Affleck’s butt-kicking Bat-team member.
It’s a reddit leak so as per usual take this one with a grain of salt, but it certainly does sound plausible. Also, more Aussie superheroes? YES PLZ.
More Batgirl and DC/Marvel goodies will no doubt drop at San Diego Comic-Con later this month. 
Source: Reddit.
Picture: Jon Kopaloff / Getty.