Oh man, there’s ages until ‘Suicide Squad‘ hits cinemas, and we’re already excited for the follow-up. 

But for good reason, because THR has announced that there’s currently a Harley Quinn standalone film in the works at Warner Bros

Margot Robbie is allegedly on board to reprise her role as the SS villainess, as well as produce the currently-untitled film. 

BUT. The thing about this excellent-sounding film is, a bunch of DC heroines and villainesses will allegedly be appearing. It’ll be a female-centric superhero film, focussing on the personalities, nuances and depth of all the DC Universe female heroes and villains. WHICH IS SUPER FKN DOPE.

Details are being closely guarded of course, but two names that have been bandied about are Batgirl and Birds of Prey

Details about the writing and production team are also on lockdown, but it has been said that the writer of the film is female. 

This goes hand in hand with DC’s recent move of releasing comics and products for the young female demographic, which they’ve named DC SuperHero Girls. Characters include Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Katana and Bumblebee.

Sources say that Margot Robbie was the catalyst for the project, because upon gaining the role in ‘Suicide Squad‘ she passionately dove into a deep pile of comics to study so she could accurately portray Quinn. But while she was there, she fell in love with DC’s female heroes and villains.

But, we’ve got a long wait, and Warner Bros. are keeping their mouth firmly closed on this one. So, uhh… don’t tell them we told you. 

There’s Gonna Be A Harley Quinn Movie Ft. The DC Heroines & Villainesses

There’s Gonna Be A Harley Quinn Movie Ft. The DC Heroines & Villainesses

Source: THR

Photo: Youtube.