Um, Don’t Panic But Zendaya Joined Labrinth At Coachella To Belt Out A Few Bangers From Euphoria

Labrinth and Zendaya performing at Coachella 2023

International woman of mystery Zendaya has sent folks into overdrive after she joined Labrinth on-stage during his Coachella set on Saturday night to belt out a few ditties.

The Euphoria star linked with Labrinth to perform their Emmy-nominated hit “I’m Tired“, as well as “All for Us“.

Footage shared by Twitter account Zendaya Updates (@Zendaya_Updated) shows the actor emerging shortly after the start of “I’m Tired”, delivering some exceptionally soft and beautiful vocals.

Don’t even get me started on that adorable pink number — I’m gonna need an ID on that matching frilly set with the thigh high boots. With her divine curls cascading down, the whole ensemble was giving sexy medieval milkmaid. J’adore.

The lass cranked up the energy for “All for Us”, strutting around the stage with some hot dance moves, plus a little synchronised routine with Labrinth. The audience was, as they say, going absolutely hog wild.

Twitter user Jada (@jadawadas) shared footage of the truly major moment to Twitter.

Folks on Twitter have hardly been able to contain themselves since Zendaya took to the stage at Coachella — her first live performance in seven years, mind you — and for good reason ‘cos she absolutely smashed it.

I know we joke every year about events not being on our bingo cards, but were you expecting Zendaya to pull up to Coachella in 2023? I didn’t think so. I’m going to take this as a sign that nature is healing.

Real Euphoria girlies remember that “I’m Tired” was featured in the Season Two episode titled “You Who Cannot See, Think Of Those Who Can”, when we saw Rue and Jules’ relationship fully go to shit. Last year, the track copped an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics, as did “Elliot’s Song” which appeared in the Euphoria Season Two finale.

While neither song took out the top gong, Zendaya did win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Rue, making her the first Black woman to win the award twice and the youngest two-time winner of any Emmy in history. We are not worthy.

Meanwhile “All for Us” was featuring during the Euphoria Season One finale, and ended up winning the Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics in 2020.