Music festivals. Great days out. Convenient gatherings of all your favourite artists. Magical wonderlands where real life doesn’t exist.

As fun as going absolutely boonta at the events may be, you’ve still got to keep your wits about yourself, and your surroundings, in order to avoid having your day go from fully sick to being sick everywhere.

So whilst the regional madness that is Groovin The Moo begins its annual rumble around the nation, the festival has taken the time between dates to address a few issues.

Chiefly, the reports coming out of the Maitland leg that saw two patrons hospitalised after suspected overdoses, and from the Canberra leg where a woman who was allegedly urinated on criticised the “patronising” response from security staff.

In thanking their support staff and associated volunteers, GTM organisers took it a step further to remind festival goers to look after themselves and each other.

But far from just doing it themselves, they enlisted the hilariously raucous talents of The Meeting Tree to spread the message.

And, frankly, this oughta be played on the big screen before every major festival. At long last a PSA done right.

Bless you, Joyride and Raph Lauren. You magnificent, sweet angels.

Groovin The Moo rumbles into Bendigo and Townsville this coming weekend.

Source: Groovin The Moo/Facebook.