Andrew W.K. Bottled In The Head At Groovin’ The Moo

Andrew W.K. obviously forgot one of the Ten Commandments Of Partying at last Saturday’s Bendigo leg of Groovin’ The Moo: Thou Shalt Not Suck Balls. The “one man party machine” appeared to be at the stage of drunkenness where most people start swaying and aggressively yelling “WHA CHU FUKN LOON’K AT?! YUDO’ KNOW ME, OKAY!?!” at strangers, and after his slurred swearing was met with boos from the crowd he encouraged them to throw shit at him. And they did! For the moment of collision skip to the 1:20 mark. I should also warn you that this clip contains NSFW language.

Many acts have been the victim of crowd-flung projectiles (also referred to as “being shit”) but no bottling has been quite so memorable as seeing one-hit novelty act Daphne And Celeste get pelted at Reading in 2000. Memories…

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