Warpaint Apologises To Beyonce And Rihanna For Calling Them Names

The music biz must be a really tough gig sometimes. After an interview was published with Britain’s Q Magazine in which Theresa Wayman of Warpaint had a few choice words for both Beyonce and Rihanna – saying “Every song on [her] last album has her basically looking like a slut and she does not need to do that,” of the former, and “she could’ve done something so much more subtle and artful,” of the latter – now the chief axe slinger for the Los Angeles-based band has issued a formal apology to the Queen of the pop world and her lady-in-waiting.

In a post of Warpaint’s Facebook page, Wayman issued a lengthy apology, explaining the missed context behind her comments: “There were many long conversations behind that statement and it’s heartbreaking and painful to see it presented in such a hyperbolic and crude manner.
A journalist came on our bus and casually asked us what we thought about women in music and we responded as fans and consumers and not as card carrying feminists. Not as anybody with power or influence either. We’re not trying to start a war, no fucking way. We would be crushed like little lady flies.
What I was referring to, specifically, was my take on the video clip for “Superpower” where I felt her role in that clip undermined the song – which is one of my favorites. That’s pretty much it. As a fan I was confused with her choice to sexualize herself in that particular moment. On the other hand “Drunk in Love”, in my humble opinion, is so powerful in it’s sexuality. I could watch that on a loop forever. Ultimately she can do whatever the fuck she wants. Anyone can.
As far as Rihanna goes, if I had that voice I could die right now a happy woman.”
I apologize for being careless with my words. I apologize to fans of Beyonce and Rihanna, I fucking love them too. Me and and my big mouth.”
You can read the rather eloquent apology in all of its glorious entirety RIGHT HERE.
And now we sit back and await the inevitable diss tracks to roll in.
Photo: Jason Kempin via Getty Images.