Beyoncé And Rihanna’s Ex Chef Is Opening A Restaurant In Bondi & Take My Bills, Bills, Bills

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Attention Australians, a chef to the stars (and I mean STARS) has opened up a completely vegan restaurant in Bondi, inspired by his multiple years of cooking for celebs. I’m not even vegan but I’m absolutely going to plant my roots in this joint as soon as possible.

Scott Findlay is the mastermind behind the new joint named Flave, and he’s cooked professionally for the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Tina Turner, Elton John, Rod Stewart and Pink. Yep, that’s a pretty impressive resume.

Are you saying I could eat from the same hands that used to be a private chef for BEY???

Flave is 100 per cent plant-based and mostly gluten-free, and items reportedly range from $13.50 to $24. So while you’ll defs be eating like a celeb, you won’t be spending the big bucks. Praise Beyoncé, because I am Beybroké.

And the best part is that the dishes are completely designed around celeb faves from Findlay’s time behind the golden (probably) kitchen counters of the stars.

For example, the Wadda Jerk Bowl on the menu is inspired by Findlay’s time as Rihanna’s personal chef.

“This was a dish I used to make for Rihanna back in the day. It was one of her favourite dishes from her hometown,” Findlay told the Daily Telegraph.

“I even went over to Barbados and learnt how to make a proper authentic marinade.”

And the Ballsy Bowl (quite the name) is inspired by the seven (7!!!) years that Findlay spent cooking for The Beatles’ Paul McCartney.

“I actually designed this for Paul back in 2004 but the dish has evolved over the years,” he said.

“When I finished up with him, his wife Nancy asked for the recipe but they have gotten even better since then.”

flave scott findlay
King, thank you.

Beyoncé’s favourite dish, however, is not going to be on the menu, because Findlay says he will never reveal the secret that is her preferred snack. Come on man, let us know!!

“Working with Beyoncé is everybody’s dream. She’s almost superhuman — except that she gets cravings just like the rest of us mere mortals,” Findlay said.

“She’d often sneak into the kitchen at odd hours and request her favourite secret dish, which to this day I’ve never divulged and I never will.

“Naturally, I was happy to whip it up for her every time, and relished the tips she gave me to make it just right for her. I must say, it’s quite nice having a clandestine culinary secret with one of the most famous women in the world!”

Beyoncé dish or not, I’m keen to get my paws on some of these iconic celeb dishes. I’ll settle for the Rihanna one.