Triple J’s Ben & Liam Souped Up A Shitbox And Gave It Away To A Listener

Letting go of your first car is forever a sad day; be it because you’re selling it off after acquiring a new ride with a heater that actually works, or because it’s being hauled off after finally reaching a point where even duct tape can’t hold it together anymore. But for Triple J Breakfast boy Ben Harvey, the beloved old whip went out in an entirely different fashion.

[jwplayer 4r2EZFHr]

Ben & Liam decided to personally deliver Ben’s banged up piece of shit old ride – a bog-standard old Toyota Camry, still carrying South Australian license plates it should be said – to its new owner, Triple J listener Karli in Coffs Harbour.

But this wasn’t simply a case of fanging the car up the highway, handing over the keys and walking away. Oh no.

Ben & Liam decided to enlist the help of as many mates as they could between Sydney and Coffs, all of whom added a vast array of “improvements” to the car, christening it the Skid Pig along the way.

We’re talking racing stripes and flame decals for speed, fluffy dice and steering wheel covers for aesthetics, and even a rear spoiler for that all-important aerodynamic ability.

Eat yr bloody heart out, Xzibit. This is a real pimped ride.

Imagine burning down to the beach in the mighty Skid Pig? You’d be absolutely cheerin’.

And that, folks, is how – with a few simple modifications – you too can turn your shitty old sloppy jalopy into a road-burning beast.

The more you know.