Elon Musk Asked For The Internet’s “Dankest Memes!!” & Boy, Did You Deliver

Who could’ve guessed that Elon Musk asking Twitter to send him the “dankest memes!!” would descend so quickly into chaos?

Perhaps, Musk, a man who recently had to resign as chair of Tesla and pay a $20 million fine for making a lol 420 joke for his girlfriend Grimes, should have known better than to expect the internet to simply entertain his request for spicy internet meme content.

But also, Musk, come on, you knew that you would be the subject of the memes. That tweet up there was the most Cops on Twitter/Dad move out. Not Daddy move, just daggy dad, except Musk is your dad when he gets onto ‘difficult’ subjects. Musk is your dad when he’s a few bourbons in, saying more than mildly offensive things – see him calling a Thai cave rescue expert a “child rapist multiple times.

He did specify no moth memes though, which is some bullshit. Go send him Musk moth memes now, for me.

Anyway, it’s Friday afternoon, you don’t give a shit about context anymore, you just want the memes.





Turns out you and a billionaire have one thing in common: a love of memes.

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