Sydney’s ‘Tony Hawk’ Cover Band Got To Belt Out A Tune With Tony Hawk Himself

Some people get into music and dream of headlining giant shows at massive festivals or in historic arenas and that’s all well and good for them. But for anyone aged about 28 and up with thumb prints worn off by a PS1 controller, this ranks in the upper echelons as the most insane dream gig of them all: Sydney’s Tony Hawk Pro Skater cover band, on stage with the actual Tony Hawk, belting out a hit from the THPS3 soundtrack. Un-bloody-real.

[jwplayer cRXUZOer]

A little while ago we told you about Birdman: Or the Unexpected Virtue of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater Cover Band, a knockabout group of Sydney lads who famously had a Vivid gig in Kings Cross shut down before 9:30pm due to noise complaints, and how they scored the gig of a lifetime after being invited by the actual Mr. Hawk to come to San Diego and open for Bad Religion at a giant celebration for the original game’s 20th anniversary.

That gig came and went over the weekend, and not only did it look sick as hell, but Birdman’s set somehow culminated with Tony Hawk himself joining the band on-stage to belt out The Adolescents‘ classic track Amoeba, which featured on the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 soundtrack.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Holy shit.

Beyond that, Hawk spent the weekend bumming around with the Birdman lads, crashing a pre-gig practice session and filming snippets from a bunch of songs like the world’s proudest Dad.

How the hell about it. How the hell about that.

You might have had a good long weekend, but few of – if any – had a better or sicker one than the Birdman band. That’s one for the Hall of Fame.