Noise Complaint Shuts Down Vivid Live Gig In Kings Cross Before 9:30PM

Nothing quite like a story about Sydney‘s obliterated nightlife to really cleanse your palate on a Friday morning, eh?

Vivid and the Kings Cross Hotel were teaming up for perennial fan faces the Basement Parties – with their first showing being SKATE OR DIE, a show led by extremely fun novelty cover band Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater Cover Band. If you are not familiar: yes, they do covers of the eternally iconic Pro Skater soundtracks. 
Well, long story short: the cops broke the party up after only four tunes, thanks to noise complaints. Noise complaints in what was once was the very beating heart of Sydney’s nightlife. Howzat.
A Facebook post from the band explained the sitch:
Gig attendee Mitch told PEDESTRIAN.TV what went down. “Official Vivid booked the gig at Kings Cross Hotel,” he said. 
“Four songs in, a dude takes the stage and announces there’s been several noise complaints and the cops showed up and they have to shut it down. They announced refunds and one free drink each.”

It’s good to know that even events organised by Sydney’s very own flagship yearly entertainment event aren’t immune to being busted up by the cops as soon as the noise goes above a quiet conversation in a funeral home. Guess the developers got what they wanted out of the Cross.
Photo: Facebook.