Between the lockout laws and a seemingly endless procession of live music venues getting shut down because the people who moved in next door didn’t bother to google whether the pub on the corner has been putting on shows for the last 100 years, it certainly appears that Sydney just fucking hates fun as a concept.

Maybe nothing was more emblematic of this than what happened a fortnight ago, when an official Vivid show at the Kings Cross Hotel was shut down before 10 pm due to a noise complaint – live music in Kings Cross, I know, what a crazy concept. 

The extremely badassedly-named Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater Cover Band (if you guessed that they are a band that plays covers of the songs from Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtracks, you would be correct) were meant to play two 45-minute sets, totalling a massive 29 songs, but were shut down after the first four.

While this was obviously a huge kick in the dick with a steel cap boot, we can at least rejoice in the fact that the show is getting another bash. 

Relocated this time to Waywards (upstairs at the Bank Hotel in Newtown, a suburb where hopefully FUN IS STILL LEGAL), Birdman or The Etc (who has the time) will be smashing out 29 of the absolute bangers that fuelled your mad combos back in the day. 

Birdman […] bass player and hair enthusiast Simeon Bartholomew says they’re stoked as to have a second crack at it:

“We’re all personally thrilled that Adam (the promoter) and Vivid had moved mountains to get us the reschedule. They wanted it to happen just as much as we did (after all – who DOESN’T want a night dedicated to the video game series that defined our teen playlists?!?) and we’re extremely keen for Saturday. And “extremely keen” is a complete understatement. We’re ready to lift the roof of Waywards.”

Mates, hell yeah. 

The gig is 100% free and kicks off around 8 pm this Saturday, June 17, you can check out more details here. In the words of Rage Against the Machine in the track Guerilla Radio as it featured on the soundtrack to Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2: turn that shit up.

Photo: Facebook.