The President Of The United States Is In A Twitter Beef With Snoop Dogg

We are officially past the point now where if someone woke up from a coma, we would be able to explain to them what the fuck is going on. If someone went under 6 months ago and only woke up now, trying to get them to comprehend current events would be like the ending of the film ‘AI‘, where he wakes up to find humanity has been replaced by robots and flying rectangles – except, for us, instead of being insanely cool and futuristic, everything is baffling because shit has become unbelievably fucking stupid.
I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who voted for Trump thinking “Yes, it’s finally time the most powerful political office in the world was held by a man who would try and neg rappers.“, but fuck me, I cannot for the life of me figure out what the rationale behind that must be. Regardless, it’s what they got. Trump is firing shots at Snoop Dogg because the man can only interpret the world through the prism of reality TV style drama.
The perpetually cranky pants head of state has soiled his diaper after the band Badbadnotgood released a video for the song ‘Lavender‘, which features Snoop Dogg pointing and firing a toy gun (one of those ones with the little flag saying “Bang!”) at a clown dressed as Trump.
Trump’s lawyer has already come after Snoop, but, obviously, that wasn’t enough, taking to Twitter to suggest that if it was Obama, Snoop’d be heading for the clink:

Weird neg about Snoop’s career aside (can you imagine being the president and still this insecure, Christ), that seems very much to fly in the face of a 2009 ruling that saw hanging an effigy of Obama as protected speech and another incident where a prominent pastor both hanged and burnt an effigy of Obama in 2012 with zero legal repercussions.
No response yet from Snoop, but we’ll keep you updated if the President of the United States continues to argue with a rapper on Twitter. All hail President Baby.
Photo: YouTube.